I sent out a tweet (follow me) asking my followers (and Facebook Friends) what their favourite font was and why – these were some of their replies… what about you?

For the record, at present, my favourite is Gill Sans as I find it so versatile, especially when working with other fonts.


Times. Simple, but not boring, and timeless.

Via @Carmabella

Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic Medium and Verdana. Both are just so easy to read even at small sizes.

Via Adrian Lujan (Facebook)

Franklin Gothic Book Regular. Easy to read.

Via Dylan Lee Hodges (Facebook)

I really love the clean lines of Franklin Gothic family mixed up with classic letter forms of Adobe Caslon.

Via @BridieMacdonald

Gill Sans Light

Gill Sans Light because is delicate.

Via Barbara Culinas (Facebook)


Other than Helvetica, it’s Gotham , because it’s clear, it stands out and modern… Applicable on small sizes too.

Via animate_me

Totally into GOTHAM right now. Clean, great bold-face, solid.

Chris Skinner (Facebook)

Gotham, purely because I’m Batman in disguise.

Via David Airey (Facebook)


Not THE – but A favourite: FF DIN – for clarity, the weights, more attitude but not to much character, reads in small sizes

Via @simikken


I would say Philosopher. It’s a stylish, modern font that is similar to common fonts so that it’s functional and elegant.

Via @bixtin


My favourite font is called “mutlu” because my finance has our daughter’s name tattooed across his chest in it…

Via @artbyjaz


Don’t know… for paragraphs I like Futura Lt BT, I guess because it looks clean and helps me fit all the text.

Via @edMaga


Marcos Luis Hernández (via Facebook)

Big fan of Futura, it’s clean but has personality. I like its curves.

Sasha Endoh (via Facebook)

FuturaVerdana, and Myriad Pro I use the most.

Stan Perl (via Facebook)


Actually fond of Metroscript cause I’m on a big vintage graphic period!! Montreal is also a good sans serif one.

Via @MonsieurH


Americana is my favourite sans-serif, and Charcoal is currently my fave serif.

Lisa Du Plessis (via Facebook)


Adobe Jenson Pro.

TJ Governanti (via Facebook)


Trajan Pro, classy and elegant and I love the Q in it.

Tareq Alsamman(via Facebook)

Swiss 721

SWISS 721 family….looks classy and elegant.

Mohamed Shinaz Saeed (via Facebook)

Sketch Block

I’m torn, it’s either Papyrus or Comic Sans. Actually, my two favorites are Sketch Block and Geo Sans Light. I find it reads so well, and looks very clean and minimal.

Via Will Higgins (via Facebook)

Nobel Light


Christine LeBlanc Payne (via Facebook)


Comic sans! Haha, no, seriously, I think is Trebuchet and Futura .

Diane Hernandez (via Facebook)

Trebuchet… because who doesn’t like saying “Tray-boo-shay”, and it has a sturdy, even thickness to its stroke which lends itself nicely to big bold headers for websites

Jayson Akers (via Facebook)


Helvetica, Frutiger, timeless.

Sanja Karic (via Facebook)

Bleeding Cowboys

OK someone has to say it…Bleeding Cowboys !

Brian Nelson (via Facebook)


Myriad Pro (boring I know) & Boberia

Andrea Guevara Higham (via Facebook)

Century Gothic

I like Century Gothic, its an easy to work with font.

Maikel Beckers (via Facebook)


Garamond – totally unfazed by time, style, and trend.

Shakun Harris (via Facebook)


Helvetica, and 2nd would have to be Helvetica, just pipping Helvetica. In all seriousness though, my vote goes to Helvetica.

Via @burdzelkrai

Helvetica – swiss design at its best.

Via @loveannon

Helvetica Neue for it’s incredible versatility-Letter spacing, size and the font variations can get you thousands of new fonts.

Via @baffleinc

Helvetica – classic and contemporary, timely and timeless, all rolled into one.

Via Rafael Armstrong

The Helvetica Neue family, it just gives so much choice in one family and looks clean and sharp on screen

Via @keanrichmond

Helvetica Neue. A more refined font compared to Helvetica, versatile & simply elegant

Via @zilch

Helvetica. Since it was the cleanest and most common beautiful font i’ve ever seen.. No font is close..

Via @thematrixuum

Got to be Helvetica family – so much range in a single font in terms of variety in weight and styles and so timeless!

Via @threemenoneshed

Comic Sans

I like comic sans for fun & verdana for an elegant look 😉

Via @beiruta

Comic sans, it makes everything patronising

Via Jon Hassall (Facebook)

No font list could be complete with out someone mentioning Comic Sans. On that note check out this short documentary on the typeface, it’s worth a watch. I loved the quote from the Comic Sans designer, Vincent Connare:

“If you love it, you don’t know much about typography, but if you hate it, you really don’t know much about typography either and you should get another hobby.”



Designer's Favourite Fonts & Why

3rd February 2018

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